Welcome to the Harmon Group, LLC. and to Cover Girl ShapeWear!

Harmon Group founders have been producing and marketing high-quality garments for over 30 years, mainly in the undergarment category.
The focus has, and will always be, to provide the finest of products at the most affordable prices for the demanding consumer.

We are based in Nevada, and in the last few years have been focusing on our online businesses to successfully and consistently deliver a great product directly to the customer.

Our latest and most exciting collection is ShapeWear by CoverGirl. Combining the finest of Italian fabrics together with our expert factories, we succeeded in introducing shapewear with a fresh look, functional and comfortable. With our discerning customer in mind, we engineered a line of products designed to make women feel fabulous and look great. As with all CoverGirl products, quality, satisfaction, and affordability all go hand in hand.

Our CoverGirl expresses her beauty, youthful energy and personal style around the clock and around the town. She shines like the star she is!

So begin to feel great about yourselves– feel beautiful and you are beautiful!

Enjoy our products.

Address: 1820 E. Warm Springs Rd. STE, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119

Mail: info@covergirlshapewear.com


We curated CoverGirl Shapewear to be both a fashion statement and functional support that enhances, slims and tones your silhouette while letting you– be you.

On trend and made with cutting-edge technology, our designs are engineered to ensure comfort that doesn’t compromise on style so that you can look and feel great in any outside you wear. Our CoverGirl is a confident and empowered fashion-oriented woman who is not afraid to take risks.


CoverGirl Shapewear is made with the finest Italian fabric, seamless technology, and most importantly, designed for you.

Engineered to be pilling resistant and moisture-free, CoverGirl Shapewear is made with a combination of the most-cutting edge fabrics for ultimate durability, elasticity, and snugness.

Our fabrics are silky smooth, light as a feather, and have a natural-like texture so you can truly feel like you’re wearing a second skin.