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Welcome to CoverGirl Shapewear

We believe shapewear is a fashion statement as well as functional support.
Our shapewear collection is designed to be both on trend and comfortable. Designed with cutting-edge shapewear technology,
we ensure comfort that doesn’t compromise on style
CoverGirl Shapewear is made with luxe, quality Italian fabric, and of course, designed for YOU.
Consider our garments our not-so-secret weapon to staying smooth, comfortable, and confident anywhere you go.

With styles ranging from seamless high waisted thongs, thigh shaper slimmer shorts, slimming cami tank tops with lace, to full seamless slips, you can be sure to find the ultimate coverage and control, precisely in the spots you need to look and feel your absolute best.

At CoverGirl Shapewear, we believe in creating innovative shapewear with unparalleled quality based on the mantra that one does not have to be uncomfortable to be beautiful– and our shapewear collection does just that. It allows you to feel secure and confident in any outfit you wear, knowing you have the support that brings out your best silhouette.

CoverGirl Shapewear is made to truly feel like your second skin, featuring a seamless two-way stretch that is piling resistant, soft, breathable, and moisture-proof. Our premium shapewear is 80% Polyamide and 20% Xtra Life LYCRA® for durability, elasticity, and snugness. CoverGirl Shapewear makes you feel sexy, comfortable, and at ease knowing you can put them in the wash as frequently as you please.
Discover our full range of Shapewear made with the finest Italian fabric

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